Friday, May 16, 2014

Artist Profile: Bby Mutha

Sometime in 2012, I was introduced to an artist by the name of Cindyy Kushh via a song named Beautiful Ratchet. An artist who embraces her naturally calm, cool, and ratchet self and is unafraid of her own sexuality is always something I condone. Unfortunately, it would be too long before the trap mermaid would release any music. However, after two name changes, a couple children, and nearly two years later the Lisa Frank of the trap, now dubbed Bby Mutha, has released her first full length project entitled Belkin54G.

After a dozen listens of Belkin54G I can't say I wasn't impressed. It was everything I expected and then some. The frequent intensity of the synth build ups before the beat drops in between Bby Mutha's verses can make the most melancholy listener feel good. The sole purpose for this project seems to be to make you want to move that ass... or lack there of. With a wonderful pallet of beats, provided by the talents of LOLGURLZ, iamNobodi, Bleep Bloop, and FS Green, Belkin54G meshes both intense and calm vibes impeccably.

Aside from the production, Bby Mutha is so lyrically poised and positioned within the production on this project that it makes up for the amateur engineering. Each song is filled with so many quotable bars that don't just stick out and go over your head but melt together with each line thereafter, easily understood.

Let Bby Mutha nurture dat ass...

I had a chance to speak with Bby Mutha before the release of her project. It was entertaining to say the least.

TessurohI've watched you combat some things since I first followed you and I can't put into words how proud I am, as a fan. It's been a long time coming for you to release new music. I'm really pleased with what you've released recently, especially $$$ and Raw Shea Butter.

What went in to making Belkin54G, and what is a Belkin and why is there 54G's worth of them? Is it a bra? 54G is some big ass titties b.... But whuddeva.

Bby Mutha: Lmaoooo you are so damn funny. Belkin54G is actually the name of my dads Wi-Fi router. I live next door to that nigga. Nigga got the shittiest Wi-Fi known to man. But its the only resource I had to find and download beats for this tape. I wanted this tape to deflect all the bullshit that happened to me before I started back rapping. I honestly didn't think i'd ever get to drop another song. Since I've been given that opportunity again I didn't want to make no depressed rap ass tape, that shits so popular now. I wanted to make some shit for me and my homegirls to turn up to and shake that ass to.

Tessuroh: I'll pretend like my music not depressing and agree with you but also judge yo ass. Not ...but really.

You mad strong for utilizing your energy into a more positive way than that of a depressing, angry route most tend to go. I never see you complain about nearly anything, except weave. Which is understandable... It's an art to that. Speaking of which, you aren't just a hiphop artist are you?

Bby Mutha: Haha, no I actually do hair, I own a boutique (, I'm a mommy and apparently I'm a hoodrat.

Tessuroh: Your music sounds like it can be featured as a runway soundtrack. Your style is very colorful and I can definitely see that reflect in your music. I dig it. Do you have plans to expand your brand?

Bby Mutha: I do have plans to expand my brand. I'm working on moving out of Tennessee and setting up a physical location.

Tessuroh: What do you expect, if anything, from the release of Belkin54G?

Bby Mutha: I don't expect anything from it except for my friends to fuck with it. If it goes further, I'm grateful but rapping is just something I do to express myself and have fun. I ain't tryna be famous from it or nothin thats why I love anybody who fucks with what I do. Its like if you in art class and you put a lil extra effort into your art project to please yourself, and your teacher loves it so much she hangs it up around the classroom. Like you aint expect that shit but the fact that it happened is cool as shit.

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